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What is the ideal fighting familiar up to 89 summoning (rather that does not give defence xp)?

Coaching dungeoneering, I'd solo floors for OSRS gold awhile, as it is fairly fast and many teams won't perform your flooring anyway until you get in the teens. So I'd solo until you get access to flooring in the teenagers. As soon as you get these floors, finish all the ones you can, reset, and attempt w117 to discover teams and also do 5 man small rushes(meaning finish asap, don't kill uneeded creatures ( etc) on 5:5 sophistication 6. Every single time you complete all of your open flooring, reset(for prestige, which gives more xp) and replicate. Do this till you get access to floors 20+. Once you can do those, begin doing larges at the end(20+) until you can do flooring 30(59 dung I believe). After that, do small moves 1-20/25, then do large rushes for the remainder (still 5:5 complex 6).

As soon as you get 69, small rush 1-25 and perform larges 26+. As soon as you hit flooring 40+(79 dung), start doing 1-29 small dash, 30+ big hurry. And do not forget to reset prestige every time you finish all of your floors. Also, open any resource dungeons you can for a few simple xp. Don't forget to do Tears of Guthix(penguins not really worth it) for easy levels. Dunno more than two. I would also get 85 herblore(60-70m from 70 herblore) or 92 herblore(fostering for overloads with spices, which is another further 80-90m)

Well I have been powerslaying for the past few levels but I definately feel like I can improve. I know there are some pro powerslayers out there, so hoping you'll come across this topic. For multi-combat tasks would you recommend Unicorn, Titan or Fighting familiar? Obviously fighting recognizable will make my tasks go faster, and Uni will save me food (I'm just 75 defence) and Titan is pretty much a hybrid of the two. Would you say it is much more cost efficient to use Soul Split to Heal or a healing familiar? What is the ideal fighting familiar up to 89 summoning (rather that does not give defence xp)?

Ardougne Cloak or Soul Wars cape? (I use chaotic rapier) What jobs should I have blocked? I currently have Wyverns, Terror Dogs, Aquanites, Black demons and Living Rocks (strongly contemplating unblocking the previous 2). Are there some tasks aside from ice wyrms that are easier to Mage compared to Melee? (steel drags for buy RuneScape Mobile gold example). FWI: I do not really protect on a lot of tasks, I simply utilize Spirit Split/Familiars to heal. Any other tips would be appreciated.
on December 15 at 08:08 PM

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