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what I need to use to look good

Well, I only wanted to know if I have a higher survival rate contrary to the Level 50 Giant Spiders at the Stronghold of Security. I'll be training my melee stats. Thank you for RuneScape gold any suggestions/Commentary in my Data, Equipment, or Inventory.

I have been cutting yews for a couple of days now, getting ready for a membership. I have been a member quite a few occasions before, so I'm pretty experienced. Don't know what armor to get though. Attack: 66. Power: 70. 270k cash, or something like that, plus rune plate, legs and hatchet. I had been thinking something similar to this; Body: Fighter Torso. There's not anything wrong with dragon skirts. Boots: Dragon, if I can get them, rune if not. Glovesexactly the same as boots. Shield: Rune defender, I have black at this time.

Helm: Not, I don't like to conceal my dashing good looks;-RRB- weapon: D long first, DDS second. Cape: Red cloak from Rellika, or whatever its called. Obby might come later... Amulet: Glory, maybe, if not potency ammy. Ring: Variety, I will use as needed. I may not be able to afford all this, so it's straight back to the yews. Thanks guys.

I understand some people say that it doesnt matter what you look like in runescape its just about your stats but see high levels walking round with godswords, party hats, full dargon, bandos armour, halloween masks, arbitrary things ive never noticed before and I get really fed up of trying to look great. I've wasted about 600k onto it and I truly want some help! Please list your suggestions on what I need to use to look good.

To buy OSRS gold combat I normally wear complete rune ( granite is nooby ) dds++ ammulet of glory and obsidian cape. To get skilling I generally wear camo shirt ( from random event, not hunter ) cockatrice cape, fancy antiques, golden eyeglasses, glory ammy, obby cape, snakeskin bandanna and plauge trousers ----- please please help me!
on December 07 at 08:36 PM

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