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For 2K21 it'd be fine

I understand, but even in the event that you sit and snipe for an hour you are still able to create mt on the filter. The top ones to begin the season is 500 filter, silver filter and whatever the maximum tier is filter. The NBA 2K21 MT filter recos are appreciated by me. When the game that is drops I am certain to likely ask a couple more questions. You've been super helpful. You are welcome, I'll make certain to discover some more once I purchase NBA 2K21.

I for one am not spending money on VC for cards I'll only use for the next 3 weeks. Especially since there's no more"mill" abandoned in NBA 2K21. I'm just having a little fun in unlimited and TTO, playing. 2K waiting to discharge the best cards is a massive money grab. I understand the company aspect of things but I believe they'd earn more if they gave us enough time.

This seems like a good idea in concept, however you'd know that its terrible not having content for that 28, if you played MUT. Myteam and I usually perform to escape out of mut not to relive it. The previous 3-4 MUTs have all had enormous content droughts at one point or another. It is the reason I stopped last year, playing with that mode. 1 thing 2K can't touch MUT on is Draft Champions (I believe that's what it is called) 2K definitely needs a draft mode next year. I honestly think I will skip 2K21 if they don't revamp MyCareer and MyTeam.

It has been downhill because the neighborhood's creation. MyTeam needs game modes that are internet, also MyCareer has been downhill because the neighborhood's creation. I never really played draft champs since it has ever been simple to compile a nice team. CPU defense can be dealt with by me I had to conquer the Bird and Curry challenges. I guess it's all preference on what you would rather deal with in the end of the afternoon lol.

Back in Mut I thought,"I'm going to understand how to use all of the right plays depending on the opponent's line up and patterns and strengths and weaknesses." It was, basically 3 plays - FB dip, corner routes, or elongate runs. On defense it was a mix but mostly was putting up soft squats and picking the corner routes and usering to stuff the run or bulge the receivers. In 2K it's essentially mitigating the CPU's idiocy with a mix of off-ball and on-ball so that you are able to intercept passes, block a lane to the Cheap 2K21 MT basket, or only keep your guy from idiotically double-teaming somebody (at least in TTO). Once in a while someone starts to post-cheese or something and you are in a catch 22.
on November 19 at 10:53 PM

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