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He knew this could be something

"So by alleviating thatanxiety and that concern in the development group from CCP when they are playing EVE Mobile ISK as gamers, they can now engage in any part of the game"

Dan really started at CCP if the old policy was set up, so effectively his personalities were, basically,"put on ice" for several months since he got ready for them to undergo CCP's witness protection program and get new identities. However, the coverage shifted, meaning he essentially got his personalities back that day. He knew this could be something he'd need to deal with going to his new gig - something he juggled with was the way he'd handle the procedure with his main character, something that I feel every MMO player can empathize with.

"The witness security aspect of your characters is kind of dependent on your profile until you join the company. In my situation, my main would have undergone a witness defense, receive a brand new name, wipe corp background, fresh portrait - those kinds of things. And to me, as my identity and my experience in EVE was tied up in that personality, I had been contemplating not even taking him off ice since I didn't want to have to change his title, his portrait. Because when you've played for so long with a specific personality, you have connected with so many people through that avatar, your identities are intrinsically linked to EVE Echoes ISK For Sale. So having the ability to still be that personality today when I am playing EVE is amazingly fantastic, and was a lot more significant to me than I had expected until just before I came to CCP and recognized the implications of what could happen to this character."
on October 25 at 11:37 PM

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