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Together with the Mousekeys doubleclick

Perhaps the most profound effect of this update is about making overloads. It's really tough to RuneScape gold describe this in writing. You'll most likely discover that if you click fast, you will withdraw ingredients which you simply move your mouse on rather than the ones which you click on.

Together with the Mousekeys doubleclick, occasionally once you move your mouse pointer after pressing the + button you may withdraw 1 of this item you originally clicked on and 1 of the item your mouse pointer lands around. This makes it very annoying to make massive quantities of overloads, since you need to account for lag and either slow down your clicks, or even click in such a way to account for the lag (entails shifting mouse back and forth after clicking). While I do not care about Herb XP anymore (becoming lv99 today ), I am convinced this will cause aggravation for a lot of people that are trying to get 200m herb. Have you experienced any issues with banking and withdrawing the erroneous items lately? Have you experienced this issue whilst depositing items? Not a lot of you know me, but thats okay, I am only a low-ranking member who makes their cover every week but doesn't bother to post it. Anyhow, on to the meat of the subject. Lately I dropped most of my good equipment and money in a hack. I am not begging for something, so please, don't send me things unless you cannot be stopped from doing so. After some thought, I decided I was going to OSRS buy gold take a small challenge. I'll no longer be purchasing COMBAT EQUIPMENT from different players unless demanded by a pursuit.
on October 22 at 08:44 PM

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