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RuneScape continues to grow more than ever

Since you may or may not know, you can really change what day that the construct tick occurs on (rather than Tuesdays). I had been thinking, if we want to change the construct tick at any time, right after tier 7 would be a fantastic time to OSRS gold do so. Here's what I am thinking: A weekend construct tick may be fine for people, so individuals who cap in the last minute have a Friday/Saturday to do it (generally less busy with work/school), and also people who prefer to cap first thing possess a similiar opening. To move the tick, this is what it might entail:

When you proceed, you pay a weeks worth of maintenance, but no updates are built. The next time that day (the one you're shifting the tick ) comes around after a week, the tick will resume like normal, with the brand new moment. Since this would be a large decision that affects everyone, everyone should have thier state inside. I put a set of poll questions to observe the overall feeling about it, and from that point devise a course of action together with the staff/community/people. Clan Resources. Week 9,001 Vital Resource Targets: 4,955 timbe, 3,510 rock, 10,562 pubs,5, 610 precious bars, 4,610 fabric, 1,245 Rations.

Which are these tools for? Upkeep, like normal, for our stuff. Tier 7!!! Recent Updates. Not last week all sources going to upkeep and grade 7. Cosmetic Dentistry, Now that we pretty much have grade 7, we could begin to work on those again. Currently, we're focusing on 3 distinct goals all at once. I have a method to put up decorative up items as we finish the goals so the resources always need something to drop into. We're working on a grand hedge, which can be expensive, but if look great (it'll be up in the North-West from the mine and also kiln). We are working on shields to hang on the second floor of the store, by the party room. Ultimately, we are also working on upgrading the benches in the party room as a cloth overflow item.

Recources Needed for Hedge. I really do all ready know that skillcapes and achieving a 99 in a skill isn't quite as hard as it used to be'back in the day'.

I have been playing with Scape because late 2004, and achieved 99 cooking in late 07 as a free to play player. For me personally this was a massive thing for meback then we didnt have skill capes, and it was a massive thing for me. It was not simple at all, alot of grinding. I've achieved two 99's since then. But thats what I want to speak to you guys about, im searching for opinions here, Can you guys believe that acquiring a 99 in any ability is still worth your time? In that case, do you do it to the skill cape? Or just the private glory of achieving a 99.

I remember getting untrimmed mining from grinding granite ores during a lengthy period of cheap RuneScape gold time which I did feel quite proud about sporting my untrimmed cape with pride; again then skillcapes were the deal. E.g. someone with something such as a RC cape a couple of years ago were nearly worshipped.
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