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The manner in that game is wonderful

This was my first year of grinding madden, I bought the 80 dollar version for Mut 21 coins on black friday sale for ps4. But at the year's close we all wind up a 99 total even if we begin playing march, if we only play the game a ton anyways, which I did. So I'm wondering if I must pre-order Madden NFL 21, if I will I'm getting the 100 dollar version, or wait till it is cheaper during black friday or even christmas because if it's all said and done, at the end of the year everyone is 99 overall.

The start of the season is the most fun. But if you get it on black Friday you'll overlook Harvest however, you won't miss Christmas, and you save money. No response. Start of the year is more fun, although yeah, either will work. Additionally, if you receive it you can beat up on new gamers on christmas. But that's the thing, when I got it all I did was play solos till I had a team to compete then I was fine so I don't really know what I'm gonna do yet.

I didn't understand why people hated mode much

The manner in that game is wonderful. It is unreal. You can do anything which you can imagine, and there is things in there I didn't even know I desired in Madden. Retiring jersey amounts. Custom expansion teams with custom logos and everything. A mode plays and make adjustments. COMPLETELY customizable jerseys - I suggest you can make ANYTHING you can possibly come up with. You can even customize the stadium you perform in and what types of noises play from the speakers through specific events.

Madden does not even have a fucking"defense" chant. This game has jumbotron choices than Madden has movement teams. I can't even fathom how amazing it would be to have that level of depth and customization at a modern Madden. It's so disappointing going back to Madden and seeing exactly what it is like. Man, I really hope we could see a Madden one day like 2k. I know some elderly Maddens had mild years more customization than it does today, but guy, 2k20 was a true eye opener to buy mut coins madden 21 what is possible.
on September 17 at 10:32 PM

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