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Eve Echoes seems to check a number of attributes

Eve Echoes seems to check a number of EVE Echoes Items attributes, which include whether it's running in an emulator, and if the device is rooted. You may find that for this recent test that the devs didn't enforce any restrictions, but may perhaps opts to enforce this as it goes live. Also it is worth noting that Discord can run voice in the background, at least on Android, so not sure your complaint on this is valid. Finally, Eve Echoes thrives on, and is driven by cooperation. It would take months to specialise in one area of their skills tree, and ancient game generalisation can help progress, eventually you have to make a decision as to what you are at Eve Echoes.

It rewards more classes by it's very nature and entire game mechanics. If you don't need to be a part of that, then you'll be ratting, exploring or mining, which makes money, and buying what you want. The devs have stated they will not be cracking down on emulator usage. (Like if people are having trouble running Eve Echoes in their emulator, they're not likely to"mend Eve Echoes" or provide any support.)

It would not really be eve in case you didn't have someone turbo krabbing a mining fleet with 20 Hulk alts. Provided that they keep up with all the restrictions on Alpha clones, I don't really see much of a problem with it. One thing that really"worries" me is utilizing alts to rat, which might inflate ISK a whole lot.

To what role do you aspire to meet in live?

This is purely a matter of curiosity. I feel like stale over time would grow but starts off rewarding and fun. The exact same goes for ratting. PvP while exciting, was severely crippled from that which it is in EO. Logistics could be cool but with traveling protection and offline traveling something, I really don't see it being profitable as it would be otherwise. Playing with the market through trade is still a thing but this is often something pushed off onto an alt because it's mind-numbingly boring by itself.

Mining, crafting, and invention seem undamaged from what it always was and is now a vital role to Eve Echoes's economy but OMG is it dull by itself. I really do want ISK trading has been in Eve Echoes to earn piracy and investment investing in a lot more fun. I believe it is planned for inclusion at start so my first targets will be channel trading during the day and PVP during the night with the potential of building a corp investment portfolio. 1 clone while working a desk job, for mining, which I will generally do. Clone will be for battle, mainly for Cheap EVE Mobile ISK PvE,, possibly too, but there is no exploration at Eve Echoes at the moment. Both clones are a part of the same corp that is going to be very critical for getting fun (you don't wish to play Eve Echoes solo or you'll get bored and burn out quickly).
on September 13 at 08:21 PM

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