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A few others; You can't personalize your keybinds - though in the event that you have access to a computer you can personalize them on the computer and they will carry over, but only the keybinds for default choices (like opening ports ), the keybinds for activity bars will not work; You cannot hover over items to view their information, you need to RuneScape gold maintain left click to open the'right click interface' to be able to observe the info which would usually appear by hovering (such as xp on the skills interface, a NPC's title, the % degraded of a piece of gear ).

You can't use shortcuts to interact with specific dialogues and ports - for example you cannot space bar through chat or use amounts to select dialogue responses, but you may use the letter shortcuts for things such as the house teleport interface or archeology tableDespite using a quick chat bubble beside your title, you cannot use quick chat; I am convinced there are a lot more that I am missing, but these are some of the big ones I've noticed. All chromebooks come with the option to run linux, but it's still in beta so no chromebook comes new with linux defaulty. So unless you bought it usee, it is wont default to running linux.

So far as I know, linux is also a vastly different operating system, however, so you would know if you're running linux, but it's also not something you would just know, it's something that you would've needed to of learned at any point (not saying you didn't, but just like 90% or more of people dont know how to work linux, so just want to be sure you're really using linux operating system and that you didn't just see the linux choice and suppose you're operating it). However, so far as I understand (and a quick google search confirmed this), linux cannot run apps off the google play store, so if you truly did download the runescape app from the google play shop, you are not using linux.

However, if you would like to, or are genuinely using linux, you may download the normal runescape nxt client. I dont use linux so I cant confirm with 100% certainty, but this client should operate precisely the same as it would on cheap OSRS gold any other computer operating windows or macos, so you are going to be able to directly click. I installed Linux from my Chromebook settings and I copy pasted the code in the RuneScape site into the Linux command prompt. It just lags somewhat on Linux so I needed to use the program. If I change the settings for one touch from Runescape on Linux, will it carry over to the program?
on September 08 at 08:32 PM

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